• Phoenix Switch

    Secure and scalable SIP Based VOIP software system

    The platform’s extensive operations and business support capabilities helps
    Service Providers to cost effectively run operations


  • Phoenix OSS

    Comprehensive prepaid and postpaid billing

    Phoneix produced a detailed up-to-date VoIP Billing System,
    that containing observant VoIP Billing and Customer Management system for customers


  • Mobile and PC Softphone

    HD Crystal clear voice quality in low BW Network

    Compatible with all SIP Servers and can be Privately Labled PC and mobile Dialer
    allows VoIP Service Providers offer the best voice calling


  • VoIP tunnelling and encryption

    Offers a complete solution to secure your VoIP network

    A highly scalable VoIP tunneling software that
    delivers data encryption and compression to enhance quality of VoIP communication


Electron Bridge

We pride ourselves to be a One stop solution provider for any kind of Retail or Wholesale VOIP Service provider. We offer domain expertise, Software Products, Managed Hardware, International VOIP connectivity and customer support. Our team of highly experienced R&D engineers keep VOIP technology state of the art. We, at ElectronBridge, are a team of highly enthusiastic, skilled and experienced VoIP professionals. We are working hard to bring a VoIP solution that does not suffer from poor voice quality, security holes or lack of accuracy.

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24X7 Support

To successfully operate an IT support operation, whether within an enterprise or within a service provider organization on behalf of Clients,we provide premium technical support 24/7 from our highly qualified team.it is critical to be clear on levels of support related to:Capabilities and responsibilities of the talent involved in providing support and Levels of incident or request treatment related to priority, urgency, escalation treatment and service level agreements (SLAs).
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