Pin based Prepaid retail VOIP solution

Pin based Prepaid retail VOIP solution is a complete system enabling selling physical cards with PIN. Calling Card has been a staple of the telephony industry for decades. this is a module which runs on top of the switch and inherits all the routing, charging and billing features of the core system with a level of flexibility that can be deployed to meet your exact specifications. In addition, customers can manage their services and account through the User Portal.PIN-based calling cards, the user must enter a PIN once in the system to the access number. If the authentication of the PIN is successful, the system ready to call to any destination.

Pin-less Auto-provision based retail VOIP solution

The PIN-less Auto-provision based retail VOIP solution is an all-in-one platform for prepaid service providers that enables service providers to deliver high quality, cost-effective international calling to virtually any destination, include real-time billing and reporting , enhanced features for resellers and agents management, advanced recharge options, promotional and marketing tools and attract customers with a rich array of competitive feature.

How it Works


Verify your mobile number and enjoy the full features of the app. Easy and simple sign-up process.


It uses highly sophisticated security methods to make all the user communications safe. You are safe with us anywhere, anytime.


It uses your wifi or mobile data to get connected to the network. Ready push the pedal, enjoying talking.


Once the sign up process is completed, app will self configure itself, to be friendly with the user to start making calls to their loved ones. Be relaxed.


Wholesale SIP Solution

Phoenix Class 4 VoIP Platform is a Secure , scalable and all-in-one SIP Based VOIP software system that enables wholesale VoIP carriers to deliver robust inter-exchange and inter-LATA VoIP services to retail providers.

The Phoenix switch integrates billing , call routing and carrier management into a single platform that is easily managed from a easily operated web interface.

Intelligent Call Routing and Carrier-Grade Compatibility

Phoenix switch With comprehensive codec compatibility is designed to support high volume traffic , failover support , Multiple Carrier Support, deliver reliable and high quality wholesale VoIP service.

Multi-Carrier Management and Control Revenue with Integrated Billing and Invoicing

The Phoenix switch equips service providers with the sophisticated billing features they need to control costs and maximize their options in terms of quality and price using advanced multi-carrier management, which in turn enables powerful features like Least Cost Routing, White labeling, Custom front-ends, Real-Time Monitoring and alerting by Email,CDR (Call Detail Record), ASR (Average Success Ratio), ACD (Average Call Duration), Customer Reports, Country/City Reports, Usage Report, Customized reports, download CSV call statistics, Carrier Failover Support, Port Limitation Support,Prefix-based Routing,Priority-based Routing.

Voip anti blocking solution

ISPs controlled by government are performing blockage of VoIP all over the world, especially in UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Africa. We are the professional provider of VoIP anti-blocking, and we have unique Security Solution which helps Wholesaler, reseller to bypass VoIP Blockage. customers can use their service in Gulf and Africa by this solution. Many countries block VoIP calling as it could lead to loss of revenues to their local telecom Companies like UAE (Gulf) etc, so the population residing there has no solution but to make regular phone calls which are certainly costly over the counterpart VoIP free to cheap calls.

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