Phoenix C5 Switch (Class 5 switch for Service providers)

Phoenix Class 5 VoIP Platform is a Secure and scalable SIP Based VOIP software system. This is used by VOIP Service providers to run prepaid residential VOIP in a secured and profitable way. The platform’s extensive operations and business support capabilities helps Service Providers to cost effectively run operations and make Intelligent Routing & Billing decisions.


  1. Session border controller
  2. Media Proxy
  3. Prepaid/Postpaid billing engine
  4. Web bases OSS
  5. IVR Server

Why use Phoenix?

1. High Availability and scalable Architecture

This platform uses standby servers and all components are distributed in such a way that in case of hardware failure uses minimum downtime. Resource intensive components are deployed in hot swappable servers (Can be added or removed without switching of entire system).

2. Optimized use of hardware

This platform uses various mechanisms such as kernel forwarding of media packets and Caching to use minimum CPU time.

3. Rapid Time to Market

The solution comprises SoftSwitch, Routing, Real- time Prepaid & Postpaid Billing, Provisioning and Reporting. Installation is done in hours and no additional software or hardware needed to start business.

4. Low Cost of Ownership

Platform runs on industry leading Intel-Linux-Apache-PostGreSQL infrastructure. There are no expensive Application Server or Database Licenses to be procured.

5. Security

Stealing minutes by hacking VOIP platforms is the biggest problem Service providers face. This platform is equipped with state of the art security and fraud prevention measures.

Key features

Security and Monitoring

  • Implements security such as (Malformed packet check, Dos attack check and prevention, Brute force/Dictionary attack check and prevention, DDos check (Notifications included), Digest stealing prevention.
  • VPN based connection to web based OSS
  • SSL Encryption to web applications
  • Email and SMS OTP based login
  • Email alerts on operations like unusual change of rates, Addition of new Endpoint.


  • NAT Traversal & Topology Hiding.
  • Media Timeout (Disconnect Call on No Media). RTP over Kernel support.
  • DTMF over IP (SIP INFO and RFC 3621).
  • Digit Manipulation & Number Translation.
  • Source & Destination based Routing. Prefix & Percentage based Routing. Preferred & Gateway based Routing. Route Capacity [Channels/CPS] Routing.
  • Concurrent session limitation on SIP clients and gateway.
  • SIP Session timer support

Billing Features

  • Rates Management: Destination based Rating. Pulse Customization. CSV and Excel File Support. E.164 Format Support. Bulk rate update. Grace period and surcharge
  • Real-time Billing: Prepaid with equal balance distribution for all endpoints. Call tear down. Postpaid Billing. Wholesale Tariff Management. Blocking & Unblocking of Destinations. Hierarchy based Billing. Individual Credit Limits for every Endpoint. Low Balance Mail Alert. On demand Invoice.

OSS features

  • Web based GUI: Feature Rich Graphical Dashboard. ASR/ACD Statistics and detailed report. Web based Administrator, Reseller & User Portal. Detailed Carrier, User & Traffic Reports. Payments, Payment Reports. Billing & Invoice Reports.
  • Web Security: SSL Secure login based Remote Access. OTP Validated IP Access. Feature based permmision and role managment. Logs for changes in data with audit report.
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