About Us

We pride ourselves to be a One stop solution provider for any kind of Retail or Wholesale VOIP Service provider. We offer domain expertise, Software Products, Managed Hardware, International VOIP connectivity and customer support. Our team of highly experienced R&D engineers keep VOIP technology state of the art.

We, at ElectronBridge, are a team of highly enthusiastic, skilled and experienced VoIP professionals. We are working hard to bring a VoIP solution that does not suffer from poor voice quality, security holes or lack of accuracy.

“Bridge Class 4/5 VoIP platform is exactly what we thought a perfect VoIP should be- a combination of advanced features, scalability, great voice quality, usability and reliability.”

Delivering superior VoIP solutions while keeping costs under control!

In today’s competitive environment, the real challenge is to bring a VoIP solution that is fast, simple and at the same time affordable. With concerted efforts of our highly professional team, we have succeeded!!

Quick Look!!!

  • Highly secure and scalable SIP Based VOIP software system
  • 100% hosted and fully featured system that eliminates the need for any expensive hardware
  • Rapid deployment and easy control via the web
  • Comes with unlimited calling plans that ensures low and predictable costs
  • Equipped with Acoustic Clarity Technology for industry-leading voice quality

What are our core competencies

Why Us

Some of the reasons why customers should consider partnering with us …

  • Team of a decade old experienced domain experts and engineers
  • State of the art VOIP client and server software
  • With team of partners worldwide we provide hardware and bandwidth required for a crystal clear voice call.
  • Our SIP infrastructure is secured, robust and field proven
  • We are connected with telecom carriers of 130 countries and provide best quality route for each destination
  • Our client software (Softphone) has optional HD codec for 4g networks but also offers low bit rate codecs with packet compressor to perform in low and fluctuating bandwidth networks.

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