24X7 Support

To successfully operate an IT support operation, whether within an enterprise or within a service provider organization on behalf of Clients,we provide premium technical support 24/7 from our highly qualified team. It is critical to be clear on levels of support related to: Capabilities and responsibilities of the talent involved in providing support and Levels of incident or request treatment related to priority, urgency, escalation treatment and service level agreements (SLAs).

Level 1 – First Line Support: Telephone helpdesk or answer center support
level 1 also known as service desk, takes the initial call,Web forms, email, chat, or other means from users and creates ticket they can also do the basic first fixes too. L1 support typically includes individuals that have very limited technical expertise. L1 support logs, categorizes, prioritizes, tracks, and routes incidents reported by users. If L1 unable to get it sorted, it will be escalated to level 2 support.

L2 – Second Line Support
The escalated ticket are fixed by level 2 support, here the technicians have knowledge and experience of various OS’s / hardware, and are able to offer technical advice or remote support. level 2 support follow documented processes and workflows. Get it sorted in limited time.

L3 – Third Line Support
When documentation is insufficient to complete the tasks or do not solve the issues. Level 3 technical experts resolve issues that are typically difficult. They collaborate with any other support or dependency groups and have specific, deep understanding and expertise in one or two technology platforms. If a fix involves a major enhancement or a development, then the problem is transferred to engineering or development teams.

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